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Dragon Head Productions, LLC  is a small production company based in Denver, CO. We provide affordable record-ing, production, and distribut-ion services to indie musicians and self-published writers.We are African cultural artists performing African Dance and drumming.  In the course of doing our arts we have visited numerous festivals and cultural showcases across the country and have fouund

that much of what we have seen and heard is very good.

We initially developed to market our own videos, music and products. We have expanded to provide to the general public some of the best of what we have discovered in our journeys.
We support  quality work and indie artists  and writers whose works reflect and support cultural diversity and spiritual exploration.  Current clients and or associates include Fatu Judy Henderson, the Lady Drummer,  Woman spirit Productions, Banyan Youth Dance Ensemble, Loren Montanez, Terra Raye and the blooming Bush Women,  and DJ Cavem Moetavation.
We invite you to hang out and enjoy our articles,videos and cultural series.  Of course, you can purchase our music on our downloadz page.


Banyan Youth Drum Ensemble

Banyan Youth Drum Ensemble

Production /Marketing ServicesDragon Head  Music & Productions provides recording, mixing & mastering  services for indie musicians  in our Garage Door Studio.We also provide end run services and Internet distribution services.Dragon Head Music also provides website/blog design & maintenance services, branding services, social book marking  and other Internet marketing services.  Twitter, Face Book and My Space are are marketing friends and we have the skills and tools to get your name and music out to the world.Subscribe to our RSS feed to keep informed about special articles, new releases and coming events. Ride the tail of the Dragon  and enjoy the music!
Fatu Lady Drummer
Spider Who Sings & 
the Dragon Head  Music Staff

Carmen & LaShaun


Pamalah Maragh

Pamalah Maragh

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