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Chinese State Ballet Performs Swan Lake

[vsw id="4sMc-p19FIk" source="youtube" width="416" height="335" autoplay="no"]

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La Voz De Mi Silencio by Loren Montanez

Aztec_CoverFind out more about Loren Loren & estevan2
Mi Camino Solitario       Loren Montanez &
      Estevan Sandoval

Just Who is Oba William King!

Oba William King is founder of
Justus Arts Education
Programs for Youth.
He has performed in, and directed countless presentations and educational workshops designed to introduce students to the power of the spoken word and the magic of literature.  Oba is innovative, energetic, professional and dedicated. During the past five years his programs have had long lasting, positive effects on school age youth, their parents and community members.  His interactive performances, storytelling, drama workshops and lectures involve participants in a stimulating variety of self-image, self-esteem building activities. Programs are designed to celebrate diversity.

Oba William King; Sneak Preview

[vsw id="WAqwRyYLr3w" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

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What You Need to Know About Websites

We have recommended that you set up a web site to promote your business.  So, how does one  go about setting up a website?  Well, you could pay a professional web designer to develop your site.  If you chose this option, be sure to ask for references and links to sites completed by the designer.  All designers have a favorite style of design.  Be sure you like the  designer’s style.  Regardless of what they tell you, most designers are reluctant to  make major changes in their styles and designs, so be sure you pick the best person for you.

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