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Orisha Music from the Masters

 Dragon Head Music is proud to offer Orisha Music from Master musicians from Cuba.  This is made possible by our new affiliate connection to  Enjoy our recommended selections or enter at your leisure.  More on the Masters of Cuba coming soon!  Where is Mantanzas anyway!

Why We Dance!

A tribute to Denver Black Arts community Read the rest of this entry »

Who is Cavem Moetavation

teaser: Who is Cavem Moetivation? Read the rest of this entry »

Hip Hop Coming to Dragon Head Music!

hip hop is coming! Read the rest of this entry »

Shop ’till you drop!

Chrismas sales on Orisha Music for Beginners by Fatu and Mi Camino solitario by Loren Montanez at $12.99 at! Read the rest of this entry »
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