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Oshun Ibu Kole and The Laws of Attraction

Oshun is the youngest of the Orisha that came to earth.  While she is the youngest, she is the most critical to understand with respect to creating a life of fulfillment.  Oshun is the Orisha which governs the laws of attraction.  These laws are commonly  interpreted with respect to sexual energy; the ability to draw a mate and create children.  This process and metaphor  is analogous to the deeper  mystery of the laws of attraction which govern the universe.  To create we must use both the male and female energies in a harmonious union.  The male propels, explodes and directs, the feminine attracts, contains, and protects. Oshun is the feminine energy which attracts to us the energies that manifest in our physical environment. 

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Orisha Song & Dance to Yemaya in Japan

Ifa is the Indigenous Spiritual Practice of the Yoruba People of Nigeria.  The practice has three major components: Orisha Veneration, Ancestor Veneration and Divination. Orisha are Spirits are spirits of nature and are responsible for the rules which govern nature.  Orisha are anthropomorphized with human characteristics for the purpose of understanding their essence and being able to extrapolate psychological constructs.

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The Birth Of Voodoo

Hollywood would have us believe that Voodoo is an art of the devil and that evil priest run around snatching souls to feed to various demons.  We find that Hollywood tends to demonize most things African, especially those the producers do not understand.
[vsw id="xRt6CTb6riY?fs=1& " source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]  For example, the movie, The Serpent and the Rainbow, was based on the book of the same name.  This book was an ethno-botanist’s journey to Haiti to discover the source of the herbs and medicines used to create the mythical “zombie”.  By the time the movie is over the audience is focusing on the burning black body, rather than the fact that there is a pharmaceutical basis for the “zombie” and that the drugs used have tremendous potential as an anesthetic in modern medicine.  It also overlooks that the Hogan gave the American part of the formula, probably a ruse to get him to go away. Perhaps if Americans asked nicely, the Hogans would share the rest of the story. 

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Oumou Sangare

Some music hits you in the heart.  Some in the head.  Some hit you deep, down low and make you twitch and pull your ankles together! Oumou Sangare hits there and  just right! From the heart of Mali, this inernational performer performs Waiyeina before a live audience in Rome Italy in 2009. Simple music.  Elegant  and hypnotic music that you just don’t want to stop.  Here, at Dragonhead music you can play it over and over again.  Enjoy internet Fam.  We are back!  
[vsw id="dSKoRZi-n7E?fs=1&" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

Feel the Axe Choreographs to Fatu’s Music

About a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to teach a Youth Tribe Choreography/Performance class. I knew I was onto something, because my Youth Tribe Training class has some really inspirational dancers in it, and I really wanted the chance to work with them and other, more serious dancers on a deeper level. The Youth Tribe is like a mini-Sol Vida Dance Ensemble as evidenced by Fridays class at 5:30. So far, we only have two students, but these two managed to work in a delightfully, incredible way. We began with a Reggae music warm up, and proceeded to explore the world of Contact Improvisation, we worked with the concept of creating choreography without music–accapella style. Wow! After creating the choreography, I had the girls try it to three different styles of music–dubstep, electronica dance, and African drumming. Ironically enough, the piece which has the ability to go with almost anything, really came out when they did it with Fatu, Lady Drummer‘s African drumming, it was the essence of Fusion dance, as I love it. They played with speed, and worked on creating their own changes to make the choreography fluid–and they did an amazing job, and left class saying “that was so awesome,” making me believe that I may have landed upon one of my dream youth classes of all time.

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