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Baba Adetunji Joda: Twenty-Five Years of Sharing

Ipese Drum

Ipese Drum

Baba Adetunji Joda came to America with Baba Olatunji over a  quarter of a century ago.  Baba Olatunji has become an Eegun, and we miss him. However, we are blessed because Baba Joda remains in the Denver area teaching Yoruba song and dance.  During the Colorado Black Arts Festival, the Ujamaa Dance Collective performed an impromptu tribute to Baba Joda acknowledging 25 years of teaching and influence.  There are over 100 drummers and dancers now performing in a multitude of venues with their own companies, their children and their grandchildren  who owe their start in West African culture to Baba Joda. Baba Joda  has touched Denver across many cultures, races and many generations.

The words to the song mean, ” Beautiful, Beautiful!  Look at all the beautiful people!”  This is the first song Baba Joda  teaches.  How appropriate to sing it back to him at the 25th anniversary of  of the Colorado Black Arts Festival! Ashe O!
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