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DJ Cavem: Going Green, Living Bling

DJ Cavem of Moetavation crew, yes the spelling is different but the meaning behind it is still the same.  This artist, activating from the Five Points in the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado, has an eclectic, hard hitting, world sound.  Producing and writing his own beats and lyrics, he spits on real topics affecting all of us real people.  From “poli-tricks” to global warming, this man is in tune, telling it like it is while giving the listener an unforgettable production.  He’d like to say he’s just a hip-hop head from the hood, but at 23, his musical prowess and social awareness is uncanny.  His albums mix the sounds of hip-hop, reggae, dancehall, jazz, world flavor, hot punchlines and occasionally a dose of patoi, and the list goes on.  He represents so much more than just rap and hip-hop, he represents life.  His music would be my life soundtrack if I had one; no limits, timeless.

DJ Cavem @ San Francisco Green Festival April 10-11,2010

[vsw id="3Uh9PsDtnkI" source="youtube" width="325" height="244" autoplay="no"]

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He Won!

The winners of  The Dream Reborn Story Contest, sponsored by Green for All,  have been chosen by popular vote!  Congratulations to the Climate Change Crew for their grand-prize-winning song “Change is Needed”! The crew of high school students from the Twin Cities will take home $1,000 and a professionally made video of their story.

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DJ Cavem in the Hauz!

[vsw id="AamEaMtjBkY" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]
 Meet  DJ  Cavem Moetatvation; independent musician, producer,  B-Boy, filmmaker, documentarian and  internationally known green activist playing great beats and rapping on Green Solutions and sustainable living.   

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