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Orisha Music Comes of Age

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I love Facebook! From time to time, someone posts some wonderful tidbits that are worthy of reposting.  Here is one such tidbit sent to our  in-box by a friend who knows we love Orisha music.  Chacao, of Cuban fame,  performs a suite for Eleggua, Orisha of the Crossroads. This piece is really sweet.   In addition to nice harmonies (often lacking in Orisha music) Chacao adds some tasty little runs on the cello. A classical touch.  Now that’s nice! 

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Master Drummer Francisco Aguabella Passes in California

 Master Drummer, Francisco Aguabella,  passed away on May 9, 2010 in California.  Aguabella, a master of Orisha song, drum and dance came to the United States in the 1950’s and with other greats such as Patata and Tito Puentes. together these masters blasted open the doors of  Salsa,  Latin and Jazz music. the following clip is a tribute to the Influence of Aguabella and his master friends. Aguabella passed away of  cancer in his home.  May he fly in piece  with Ancestor and Orisha.   
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Orisha Music from the Masters

 Dragon Head Music is proud to offer Orisha Music from Master musicians from Cuba.  This is made possible by our new affiliate connection to  Enjoy our recommended selections or enter at your leisure.  More on the Masters of Cuba coming soon!  Where is Mantanzas anyway!

Music by Lil’ Loren Mc available at Dragon Head Music!

If you haven’t ,yet, check out Lil Loren MC at Dragon head Music. Latin Fusion, with a little funk.  English and Spanish Lyrics.  He does a Robin Thickish thang on “Yo Soy Joaquin”, a tribute to activist Corky Gonzalez.   Cielo rojo is also nice!  Buy  for a holiday gift for $12!

Mi Camino Solitario CD by Li’l Loren Montanez now available

Mic Camino Solitario Latin fusion CD by Lil Loren Montanez & La Voz de mi Camino now available at Dragon Head Read the rest of this entry »
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