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What You Need to Know About Websites

We have recommended that you set up a web site to promote your business.  So, how does one  go about setting up a website?  Well, you could pay a professional web designer to develop your site.  If you chose this option, be sure to ask for references and links to sites completed by the designer.  All designers have a favorite style of design.  Be sure you like the  designer’s style.  Regardless of what they tell you, most designers are reluctant to  make major changes in their styles and designs, so be sure you pick the best person for you.

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Importance of a Website in Indie Music Promotion

Many musicians are very creative and prolific; releasing albums by the minute and performing nonstop at local and regional venues. After a couple of years of this, the artist begins to realize that he or she is not going to get that big label contract. Some give up on the dream of being able to make a living with music. That need not happen and the artist need not starve forever.

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