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Cantos a Oshun

Morning Internet City!Start your morning with this wonderful salute to Oshun, Orisha of transformation, beauty, and abundance. This piece by New York-based producer Chief Osunlade blends jazz piano, horns  and a heavy disco under beat to make this piece rock for the urban Omo Orisha.   Not a traditional production of Orisha music, but one very well done .  The album; Cantos a Ochun Et Oya (Juan Valentine Re-Edit)” is available through and itunes. Enjoy!
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Orisha Music Comes of Age

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I love Facebook! From time to time, someone posts some wonderful tidbits that are worthy of reposting.  Here is one such tidbit sent to our  in-box by a friend who knows we love Orisha music.  Chacao, of Cuban fame,  performs a suite for Eleggua, Orisha of the Crossroads. This piece is really sweet.   In addition to nice harmonies (often lacking in Orisha music) Chacao adds some tasty little runs on the cello. A classical touch.  Now that’s nice! 

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Oshun Ibu Kole and The Laws of Attraction

Oshun is the youngest of the Orisha that came to earth.  While she is the youngest, she is the most critical to understand with respect to creating a life of fulfillment.  Oshun is the Orisha which governs the laws of attraction.  These laws are commonly  interpreted with respect to sexual energy; the ability to draw a mate and create children.  This process and metaphor  is analogous to the deeper  mystery of the laws of attraction which govern the universe.  To create we must use both the male and female energies in a harmonious union.  The male propels, explodes and directs, the feminine attracts, contains, and protects. Oshun is the feminine energy which attracts to us the energies that manifest in our physical environment. 

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Orisha Song & Dance to Yemaya in Japan

Ifa is the Indigenous Spiritual Practice of the Yoruba People of Nigeria.  The practice has three major components: Orisha Veneration, Ancestor Veneration and Divination. Orisha are Spirits are spirits of nature and are responsible for the rules which govern nature.  Orisha are anthropomorphized with human characteristics for the purpose of understanding their essence and being able to extrapolate psychological constructs.

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Finale: Linda Thomas Jones

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Grandmother's of the Drum
Young Linda

Young Linda

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