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DJ Cavem in the Hauz!

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 Meet  DJ  Cavem Moetatvation; independent musician, producer,  B-Boy, filmmaker, documentarian and  internationally known green activist playing great beats and rapping on Green Solutions and sustainable living.   

 Cavem’s resume is impressive for a man his age.  He taught the Rap to Roots after-school Music Awareness Program focusing on Hip-Hop culture at Denver’s internationally acclaimed Swallow Hill Music Academy,  founded and produced the Brown Suga Youth Festat the Starz Denver Pan African Film Festival, a program that has been running for almost 5 years and is an event planner for the annual Colorado Hip-Hop Coalition.


Soil delivery

Soil delivery

Cavem is currently employed at Blue and Yellow Logic, LLC as an Eco-Cultivator, training youth and young adults in environmental sustainability.  The goal of Blu and Yellow Logic is to help heal the environment and reduce hunger in urban communities by planting gardens in empty lots in inner cities  and teaching gardening skills to our communities. 

Ietef Vita/ DJ Cavem Moetavation

  Included in the sustainable living philosophy is the desire to improve health in inner cities. Obesity and diabetes are the number one health issues in urban communities with both adults and juveniles.   Cavem and the family at Blu and Yellow Logic want to impact change in the communities by teaching families to eat healthy, nutritious foods,improving community self-worth and teaching communities to work together to improve  conditions in the inner cities.

 Cavem creates change through his music.  A brave and innovative move; to rap about health and environmental issues.  Some Blues, some Reggae, some Ska, Cavem appears to have mastered a multitude of styles which he uses to captivate young and old. A prolific writer, and author, Cavem has quickly become an international artist and has performed in Paris, London, and West Africa.  He is moving around the world!


Today’s Article is just to give you a taste of who Cavem is.  Our next article will provide a  more in depth look at Cavem the man, his personal and spiritual views on life and of course more samples of Cavem’s music and videos. In the meantime, evaluate yourself in relationship to your environment.  Is there more you can do to boost a “Green Environment” and economy. 

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