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He Won!

The winners of  The Dream Reborn Story Contest, sponsored by Green for All,  have been chosen by popular vote!  Congratulations to the Climate Change Crew for their grand-prize-winning song “Change is Needed”! The crew of high school students from the Twin Cities will take home $1,000 and a professionally made video of their story.

Cavem in the middle

Congratulations also to 2nd prize winner DJ Cavem, for his music video “Wheat Grass.” Incidentally, Wheat Grass, won first place in the video category.  Praise up to Cavem! thanks to family and friends!

Third  prize winner is  David Estep for his poster entitled “The Dream Reborn.”  “Learn more about the contest at

Who is DJ Cavem?
Ietef Vita is DJ Cavem Moetavation. He is an internationally known Hip-Hop Artist, Environmental Advocate, Youth Advocate and political genius. He is currently employed as an Eco-cultivator at Denver’s Blue and Yellow Logic, a company devoted to transforming empty lots in urban communities into thriving and vibrant gardens.

 The goal of Blue & Yellow Logic is to teach urban communities how to support themselves and the environment with this sustainability project. No back yard plots here. The gardens cover city blocks and provide enough food to feed several families throughout the year. Learn more about cavem’s work with music and the environment at

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