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Kymberly Jackson of Oakland, CA

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We saw this video on a social network and had to repost it. We absolutely love jazz!.  It was also very excitng  to  find a sistah floutist of the caliber of  Ms. Jackson.  Now, some of you may think that is strange of us to say this, however instrumental jazz, like African drumming, is still very much a male dominated field.  Though artists are usually the first social group to move barriers, there are still walls to break down and doors to open and movement can be slow indeed. 

We don’t know Ms. Jackson’s musical story, but she stands in front of this band  with confidence and mastery. She is definitely there for the music, all else be damned.  What ever the journey to get here, we are glad to have heard her music.  We hope to see more and hope you enjoy this performance.

2 Responses to “Kymberly Jackson of Oakland, CA”

  • Kymberly Jackson:

    Well, I’m the sista playing in this video. Thanks for the wonderful words regarding my playing! I’m glad you enjoy the music.
    Thanks again,
    Kymberly Kj Jackson
    The Pied Piper of the Bay!
    Friend me on FB, and Like my fan page!

  • Lady Drummer:

    Hey Kymberly,
    We are already FB friends. Thanks for the response. I do enjoy your music. My site receives 10K + hits a month on over 5 continents. I give props to indie artists to keep the medicine flowing. If we don’t support each other, who will. Have a beautiful day and keep up on that flute. I love it.
    Fatu Lady Drummer.

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