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Lakota Creation Stories

Harvest Moon.  Full-Moon. Night time is the time for music and dancing; the singing of songs late into the night.  It is also the time for stories, great legends and the telling of myths. Here is one for you! Lakota Creation Story 1 is now posted at Songs for the This wonderful rendition of this traditional Lakota myth is filled with ambient music and is a tribute to the Sacred Feminine of Creation.  Writ-ten by Spider Who Sings and narrated by our   beloved Fatu, Han tells of the love between Rock and Earth and the birth of the Great Spirit and many other aspects of The Great  Mystery.

The player is in the sidebar, and you can turn it on and off.  It is best to get a cup of hot chocolate, gather your family and friends and just listen before you browse the site. 

Enjoy Life!
Spider Who sings    

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