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Living Legend, Lena Horne Passes at age 92

We mourn and honor the death of the great Lena Horne, artist, civil rights activist, stage and film actress.  Ms. Horne had an entertainment career which spanned over 60 years. Tall, lean and exceptionally beautiful, her elegant and proud demeanor broke the “mammy” stereotype for black women and opened the doors for black actresses to enter the acting arena.

She was as much an activist as an entertainer. She was active in the Civil rights movement from the early 1960’s.  Some  of her most notable acts of civil disobedience were refusing to perform for segregated audiences of troops in WWII  or when when German POW’s were seated in front of African American soldiers for the  performance.  She participated in the March on Washington in 1963, collaborated with Medgar Evers to bring social justice.

The following clip is my favorite memory of this noted icon. I was in my teens when “The Wiz” finally hit television.  She sang this song, “Believe in yourself”  to Diana Ross, Playing Dorothy.  I started crying as that was just what I, one of 30 black youth in our Jr. High school needed to hear.  I couldn’t stop crying.  all the anger and being chased home from school surfaced.  Memories of White boys from the high school trying to run us over with cars was just to much.  The belief that I did not deserve a chance had absorbed my being.  Her beauty, in that magnificent gown, Her brillant eyes seemed to look only at me.  Her breath, drawn deeply into her chest and out her lips seemed to breath new life, new vision into my young being.  I hold this vision, to believe in my being, because of Lena.

Here is a clip of the “Wiz” with Lena singing my song.  May this Faery Godmother sing to us from heaven. Peace mother horne!
[vsw id="NoCF1bCySn8&hl " source="youtube" width="416" height="344" autoplay="no"]
1. image from People Magazine on line 5-11-2010:Fittzroy Barrett/Retna

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