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Meet Spider Who Sings

Meet Spider Who Sings
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 Spider Who Sings is part of Dragon Head Staff and  facilitates a blog on the Native  American  Purification Ceremony called the sweat lodge.  Learn about the history of the Purification Ceremony, lodge safety, construction and protocol at Spider also writes about earth based spiritual practices, and the relatedness of Native American and African traditions.  There is ample historical and anthropological documentation that Africans came to the Americas long before Columbus and shared culture and relationships with First Nations People.  Spider shares the commonalites between the spiritual practices of both cultures.Check out Spider’s blog giving spiritual readings from the African tradition of Ifa.  The monthly reading for December  is posted at Spiderwhosings. com.  Feel free to leave comments at either blog on your experiences in native American and African Traditions. 
Check the blogroll for Readings and Songs for the Lodge.    
Spider Who Sings
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