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Orisha Music Comes of Age

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I love Facebook! From time to time, someone posts some wonderful tidbits that are worthy of reposting.  Here is one such tidbit sent to our  in-box by a friend who knows we love Orisha music.  Chacao, of Cuban fame,  performs a suite for Eleggua, Orisha of the Crossroads. This piece is really sweet.   In addition to nice harmonies (often lacking in Orisha music) Chacao adds some tasty little runs on the cello. A classical touch.  Now that’s nice! 

In the West, we tend to focus on drums and Acapella singing.  However, in Africa, there are a multitude of melodic instruments used to accompany singing.  Many of those instruments did not cross the ocean until recently.  However, there are a hosts of European based instruments that can be utilized for melodic supplementation.  Simple and delicately placed, Chacao’s cello, brings new life to old and ancient chants.  This Suite is bound to become a Western Hemisphere classic for Eshu. Enjoy!

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