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Oshun Ibu Kole and The Laws of Attraction

Oshun is the youngest of the Orisha that came to earth.  While she is the youngest, she is the most critical to understand with respect to creating a life of fulfillment.  Oshun is the Orisha which governs the laws of attraction.  These laws are commonly  interpreted with respect to sexual energy; the ability to draw a mate and create children.  This process and metaphor  is analogous to the deeper  mystery of the laws of attraction which govern the universe.  To create we must use both the male and female energies in a harmonious union.  The male propels, explodes and directs, the feminine attracts, contains, and protects. Oshun is the feminine energy which attracts to us the energies that manifest in our physical environment. 

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Spiritual law states that like attracts like. Our internal energies of emotion, a non-physical force, will attract and manifest in our physical environment.  Happy people attract happy people.  Angry and violent people attract angry, violent people. We become disenchanted because we have consciously focused on one desire yet something totally different and contrary manifests in our  personal spaces.  We need to understand that conscious thought is only 10% of our personal awareness. Most of what manifests in our environment comes from unconscious belief systems which we have suppressed and not yet healed.  Whatever emotion is the greatest in our energy field is the one that will manifest; for better or worse. 

If you do not like who and what is present in your environment, it is important to ask,”What am I feeling and surpressing in my emotional energy field?”  What emotions do I need to bring to consicous awareness and change in order to create wholeness? What belief system is blocking my ability to create what I truly desire in my current environment.  That environment can be home, employment or general state of well being.

 A spiritual path requires a mechanism to heal the old; usually pains and beliefs developed in our childhood. Many address these questions through a therapeutic process.  We have found that most people simply need to present the question to one’s Ori, one’s Higher Self, to begin receiving an answer.  Within the context of Ifa,   Oshun manifests in the life when one has chosen to  heal their internal magnet called emotions. 

Oshun Ibu Kole is the great “intercessor” because she convinced Olodumare, God, to stay his decision to destroy humankind. She did this by getting God to focus on the handful who did live harmoniously versus the multitudes that did not.  It is important to notethat she did not choose to die for our sins, but presented an opportunity for Olodumare to make a different choice by focusing on the positive in creation.  In this manner, Oshun stayed the course of energies that would certainly have lead to the destruction of humankind.  Humanity and Orisa both, realizing the stayed judgement, made a rapid leap in consciousness and manifested different realities. 

  Oshun, in the process of seeking Olodumare, lost her hair while flying towards Olodumare’s domain in the heavens.  Her beautiful locks were burned away and her scalp became reddened by the sun’s rays.  Her body became charred and black.  She is represented by the vulture, who eats away the dead things which no long produce life.  Those old, dead emotions are grist for the mill in the process of transformation.

When one makes a choice and commitment to heal the path to personal destruction is stayed, held in abeyance and begins reversing.  That requires focusing on the positive aspect of every negative situation then standing firm through the ups and downs that come with the healing process.  Positive manifestations will occur in one’s environment if one holds to the lessons and example of Oshun. We must give up the old and dead energies in order to receive anew.  Like Oshun, we can hold a mirror to our face to see what we have become and what is manifesting in our daily world. Let all that we see be beautiful.

Oshun is the healer,  the medium, the consumate diviner and herbalist.  She is represented by the flowing rivers; symbolic of flowing emotions and places where civilization can manifest and thrive.   She itercedes for us by providing the healing assistance necessary to complete our emotional processes. Honey is her fruit.  She loves the colors copper, brass and yellows.  Her day is  Saturday and her number is five.

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