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Lakota Creation Stories

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Meet Spider Who Sings

Meet Spider Who Sings
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Orisha Music on Sale for the Holidays!

Orisha Music for Beginners by Fatu Lady Drummer is on sale for the holidays. This CD and booklet with lyrics, interpretations and historical info is available now for  $20 at Dragon Head Music.    Fatu Ra, drumming and a Capella vocals available  for $12 holiday special.  Gift of music!

Music by Lil’ Loren Mc available at Dragon Head Music!

If you haven’t ,yet, check out Lil Loren MC at Dragon head Music. Latin Fusion, with a little funk.  English and Spanish Lyrics.  He does a Robin Thickish thang on “Yo Soy Joaquin”, a tribute to activist Corky Gonzalez.   Cielo rojo is also nice!  Buy  for a holiday gift for $12!

Fatu Lady Drummer Back by Popular Demand!

Article on the re-release of Fatu Lady Drummer originally released in 1998. Read the rest of this entry »
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