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What is Orisha Music?

Orisha Music is the music that is sung to the deities of the Yoruba religion called Ifa. The Yoruba were brought to the Americas during the transport of slaves from West African during the European slave trade.  The Yoruba people come from what is now the Country of Nigeria, however, linguists believe the Yoruba migrated from Egypt to West African several hundred years ago spreading their religious and cultural heritage through the vast regions of West Africa.Yoruba people were brought to the Islands of Cuba and the eastern seaboard of the United States.  It is estimated that 85% of African Americans are descendants of the people brought from Yoruba Land.  

Young Master Drummers from Guinae

This video was shot during a performance in Conakry, guinea.  Reminds me of my time in Mali when , in an empty, abondoned building built by the French, Master Drummers of Malie brought down the howuse.  These ae students of Master drummer Boka, of Guinae [vsw id="v/htDTJMUwgWQ&hl " source="youtube" width="325" height="244" autoplay="no"]

DJ Cavem: Going Green, Living Bling

DJ Cavem of Moetavation crew, yes the spelling is different but the meaning behind it is still the same.  This artist, activating from the Five Points in the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado, has an eclectic, hard hitting, world sound.  Producing and writing his own beats and lyrics, he spits on real topics affecting all of us real people.  From “poli-tricks” to global warming, this man is in tune, telling it like it is while giving the listener an unforgettable production.  He’d like to say he’s just a hip-hop head from the hood, but at 23, his musical prowess and social awareness is uncanny.  His albums mix the sounds of hip-hop, reggae, dancehall, jazz, world flavor, hot punchlines and occasionally a dose of patoi, and the list goes on.  He represents so much more than just rap and hip-hop, he represents life.  His music would be my life soundtrack if I had one; no limits, timeless.

Afro Cuba De Mantanzas

[vsw id="k-q59aRjyqA" source="youtube" width="325" height="244" autoplay="no"]

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Marion Anderson-the Nation’s Contralto

[vsw id="QedPOq2gi7U" source="youtube" width="325" height="244" autoplay="no"]

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