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Grandmothers of the Drum: Linda Thomas Jones part II

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Grandmother's of the Drum

Just before I left college Katherine Dunham came to Cleveland to do some master classes and she brought a drummer with her.  The drummer’s name was Mor Thaim and he was playing a djembe drum. I had never heard or seen a drum like that before.  The sound of the drum made my head swim.  During the 60’s I was the only African American in my college dance class and had never seen live African dance. However, when I danced to the sound of the djembe it was as if I had finally found my true self.  Just before Ms. Dunham left, she called me to her and whispered in my ear the following words.  These are the sounds and movements of your ancestors. I was never the same again.

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