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The Mystical Stevie Nicks!

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Stevie Nicks  then…

Stevie Nicks

A contralto with a rich , mystical voice, and trailing Joan Baez vibrato,  Nicks joined the group  Fleetwood Mac in 1978.  Whatever Fleetwood mac was before her coming they were never the same afterwards.  Her, lyrical movements, driven compositions and mystical lyrics catapulted the group into a new level of  stardom.  The group produced 10 top singles after Nicks joined the group, performed a couple world tours and topped the charts around the world.

Nicks began her solo career in 1981 although she continued to work concurrently with Fleetwood Mac.  She produced  five solo albums and top the charts with almost everyone. Like her predecessor Janis Joplin, Stevie struggled with substance abuse; cocaine and tranquilizers and lived with chronic fatigue syndrome.  Stevie, however accomplished what Janis did not and was able to recover from the demons which haunted her early years. Nicks gave a lot of energy  working with charities.  We like this about her; that she gave to her fans and the community.

Now over, 60, (she looks all of 20 something) Nicks still belts a tune and quaffs across the stage like a mist.  She is not a witch, though her performances are enchanted.   We are glad that she is still unquestionably the “.. .Queen of rock and roll!”

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Stevie Nicks now!! blam!

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