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Why We Dance!

 2009 is coming to a close. 
 2010 stands on the porch.  
Egyptian & Mayan prophecy unroll the carpet of coming global change.   We are being called  upon to step up and to transcend the fears which would hold us in mediocrity and live! Not survive; but to live!  Once again, we are called to Sankofa; to look back and bring the best of our past with us,  to prepare for our global journey.

In preparation for this journey, Dragon Head Music would like to take a minute to acknowledge those  Masters in the Denver Black Arts community who laid the foundation that allows  most of us to do what it is that we do: 

Cleo Parker Robinson who broke the  racial  & cultural barriers, how many years ago, to bring Black Dance to our Community.  There is not one among us who has not been touched by her vision and passion

Mama Leticia Williams of Harambee fame and a pillar ofcharacter who stands behind all us children.  Teacher and mentor, she has helped mold us into who we are.

Baba Adetutunji Joda & Mrs. Joda for Irepo & Sankofa African Dance Ensembles. Most of us got started there.  Mr. Joda taught us to claim our African Ancestry even when he did not know that he was doing this.

Brother Jeff Fard for the Culture Center & Cafe.  We have always had a place to go.

Perry  Ayers, Stefan Griffin and J. Michael Wilhite for the Denver Black Arts Festival

Opalonga Pugh, Griot & orator extrodinaire

Dr. Abiyomi Meeks for Moyo Nguvu and the first Kwanzaa Karamu

Our genertion has built upon these foundations.  Thank you:

Carmen Toure & Stefan Griffin for Heritage Drum & Dance 

Carmelia Dyer-Van Horn for  years of community dance classes

Fatu Judy Henderson, the Lady Drummer, for Jambalaya Sistah’s Drum & Dance Collective and teaching the world to drum.

Ashara Ekundayo, Blu-Black Woman, for Cafe Nuba, spoken word and demonstrating sustainability

Many of us  do other things.  Brother Jeff brings an awareness of AIDS  issues and good health practices to the community.  Donna Mejia teaches in a major university and researches & preserves dance forms. Farai Malianga is in New York, on Broadway, and is  sharing with us the play Fela.  Dr. Tanya Russell conducts research in cancer to  learn how to lower breast cancer rates  in black women.  Ashara now teaches us sustainable gardening to help us to improve our health and to reduce hunger in our community. There are  far too many  in our community to name that took the spirit of music and dance to fuel their lives and feed our community emotionally, spiritually and creatively.

Another generation has arisen.  Stefan has sons who drum and now grandsons. Wow!  Senakhu dances on stage with her  now grown daughters.  Who would have believed that the dream would manifest in a manner such as this! Cavem, SF1, and the HIP-Hop contingency stomp the Rockies in Denver. Look, Denver!  Our children have grown into  strong, intelligent,  and creative women and men.   They are our students no longer. Look what we have accomplished!  This is  the spirit of Sankofa and  this is what it is all about!

Deandre Caroll, former Harambee Dancer and Hip Hop master, shared with us the video “Sun Moon Child”  on the net with the caption, “Why we Dance!”  He was right on!   Our history speaks of an indomitable spirit that perseveres against all odds and personal tragedy to drum, sing and dance.  Though we have struggled and though many loved ones have crossed over to witness, we have lived and prospered! Our children live and prosper.  We have promise that we can return  again to  thrive and prosper

We post and dedicate this video in honor of  the Denver Black Arts community; including those who have moved to other locations. May this spirit of Creativity; the Spirit of Music and Dance we call Ana (An-ya) continue to touch us  and our progeny up through the seventh generation.

In the Spirit of Umoja  & peace!
Dragon Head Music, artists and friends

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